Meet Susanna

When you ask Susanna what defines luxury, she states two things come to mind – ‘high quality’ and ‘real.’

The Lux Living Group was founded as an elite group to provide boutique level, high quality, customized service to all their clients. She personally creates a business plan for each client’s success and is committed to real, honest, consultative service.

Yes, she knows luxury. Starting in the second home resort market on Kauai in 2004, she developed her sophisticated, smart, creative marketing system serving clients nationally and internationally.

Using video, social media, blog posts and creative advertising she’s been delivering results on the Main Line and in Center City since 2011.

Specializing in fine-tuning the process for both buyers and sellers, she removes obstacles and creates success for her clients. Check out why they become raving fans at

Ready to explore your options in today’s market?