1031 Tax Exchange Seminar – real estate investment strategies

Do you often wonder how does a 1031 Tax Exchange work? And if you can apply it with your investment properties?

Normally David and I host seminars with food and drinks. My apologies as we aren’t able to do that now – but please make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the LIVE webinar by clicking below.

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Traditionally, a 1031 Exchange is used to defer payment on capital gains on investment properties. However, in today’s confusing market it can also be a strategy to minimize risk as well.

How has COVID-19 affected your real estate rental portfolio? Do you find that you are at risk of tenants not being able to pay their rent?

Are you considering taking advantage of the COVID-19 increase in demand for suburban rentals and wonder if a 1031 Tax Exchange can work during a forbearance?

There are several key strategies worth considering to minimize risk and maximize profit. One example is leveraging a forbearance to create a buffer of time to sell and transfer the proceeds into a less risky area, or a HUD guaranteed rental property.

For more insights for landlords and real estate investors, also visit my recent interview with Michael Daiello, Esq who shares key insights on What to do if your tenants can’t pay their rent due to COVID-19.

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How to get top dollar for your rentals

Whether you have one rental or many, check out the Top 5 tips to get top dollar for your rentals from Mike McNelis, CEO of The Philly Apartment Company.

1) Be Pet Friendly! This surprised me – but Mike explains over 60% of renters either have pets or want to have pets. Mike has suggestions to protect you regarding deposits.

2) Fix and Clean your Vacancy ASAP – sometimes landlords want to wait until it’s rented to paint. Mike explains that hurts your rental results. Do the re

3) Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations – these are areas where you can get a return dollar-for-dollar. New vanities, mirrors and light fixtures go a long way. As do stainless steel appliances.

4) Security – renters are always looking at security. Interior and exterior doors. Replace deadbolts and locks. It’s one of the things tenants look at first.

5) Be cooperative! – renters in today’s market have a lot of choices. Renters want to get to know their landlords. Be communicative and available. They want to know how to get in touch with you. That makes a difference when renters are weighing their options.

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