Home buying tip: How to hire a buyers agent

Are you out looking at properties, but haven’t had a business conversation yet with your buyers agent? If so, please check out my first time home buying mistakes because that’s exactly what I did!

It’s time to change directions, interview and hire a realtor who will represent you throughout your home buying journey.

What HGTV and a Google search won’t tell you

Easy access to real estate information online can make it seem like your realtor’s job is mostly to open doors.

Home search online

However, who opens the door becomes your agent during negotiations unless you have a signed Buyer Agency Agreement.

Crafting an offer, negotiating and navigating through the settlement process is where your agent’s knowledge and experience can make or break your success.

Agency and representation during the home buying process is not covered on HGTV or in most online articles. Yet who represents you is a key factor in your home buying success.

What does it cost?

In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, typically the buyers agent commission is paid through a cooperation with the seller’s brokerage. In essence, other than a small administrative fee at closing, it doesn’t cost you anything out of pocket to hire an agent.

It can cost you thousands, however, in lost opportunities or poor negotiations to not select your own representative. For example, learn from my first time home buying mistake below.

Have a laugh on me

In this video, learn from my first time home buying mistakes in the 90’s and why I’m passionate about helping others understand agency:

Before we open doors, I meet with my clients (on Zoom, FaceTime or in person) to go over home buying goals both for lifestyle and finances.

Let’s put a plan together for your success!

How you prefer communication, your time frame, and style of negotiations are critical elements of our successful working relationship.

In essence, we interview each other and then make a decision to work together proactively to accomplish your home buying goals.

Did you know?

Unless you have a signed Buyer Agency Agreement, the realtor you book a showing with is not bound to your confidentiality. Your privacy for negotiations is only protected by hiring a buyer agent with a Buyer Agency Agreement.

Also when you visit an open house, if you aren’t protected by a Buyer Agency Agreement, the agent can claim to represent you even if you don’t choose to work with them.

When we meet, I’ll go over this in more detail and explain how it can significantly impact your bottom line.

To get started, click on my Home Buyers Guide with tips on how to interview your agent and prepare for a successful home search.

Check out what my clients have to say about working with me – AskMeAboutSusanna.com then let’s talk!

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