Just sold! Nob Hill Condos in Manayunk

Nob Hill condos offer a quiet, comfortable lifestyle in Manayunk. Two recent sales clearly indicate a positive market shift for Nob Hill.

A wonderful lifestyle! Walkable to dining and shopping on Manayunk’s Main Street, and easy access for Regional Rail or 76. Each loft-style condo comes with it’s own parking.

Like many condos that came to the market during the peak of the mortgage crisis, owners at Nob Hill have weathered through some ups and down. When a condo complex like Nob Hill goes through struggles such as a lawsuit against the developer, unfortunately that negatively impacts sales. And a reputation remains in the local real estate market. 

Two recent one bedroom sales pave the way for increase in values and a resurgence in the local market for Nob Hill. The success with both sales was powered by my smart, strategic marketing drawing out of state buyers.

Unit 603 – SOLD for $150,000 CASH

Similar to my strategy to overcome negative perceptions at 23 S 23rd in Rittenhouse where I targeted New York buyers, I created a successful marketing plan to bypass market doubts about the Nob Hill complex.

My smart marketing included focus on #Match2018 as it’s a perfect fit for medical residents relocating to Philly. We did proactive Facebook marketing to make sure it was visible in strategic areas for potential buyers.

Unit 802 – SOLD in 24 hours at full price!

Originally their home, this unit had been a rental and the owners needed to let it go and sell after the tenant moved out. They wisely chose to list the price in the “bulls eye” of where we could be confident on value, leveraged by my recent sale of Unit 603. My coming soon smart marketing on social media attracted an out of state buyer, relocating for a PhD program, and we had a “sight unseen” offer within 24 hours!

My clients took my advise to have it painted and staged before release publicly. Voila Design did a fantastic job. Not only did we have a full price offer, but generated a great deal of back-up interest with buyers.

Nothing more satisfying that having happy clients!

“Susanna and her team went above and beyond. Very Responsive and great marketing including coming soon which secured an offer within 24 hours of listing”

Selling your home successfully requires a creative, strategic approach to both marketing and pricing. For more info on your home’s value and what the market is offering today, contact me for a private consultation.

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